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npm npm install -g generator-pluginboilerplate

Yeoman generator for scaffolding a WordPress Plugin Boilerplate and a Grunt based build system

Develop a Plugin locally and synchronize it automatically with a local WordPress installation.

  • Generates an development environment based on Grunt. Structured in source (./src/), build (./test/) and distribution. Distribution (./dist/) directory is structured to match the WP plugin svn repository.
  • Grunt watches file changes in source and performs the required tasks
    to update the build directory and optionally syncs it to another folder
    on your system (eg. the plugin directory of your local WordPress
  • Inits a git repository for your plugin (by default)
  • Everything is ready to write js with node, commonJs and es6. Supports *.jst templates and React’s *.jsx
  • Uses Scss to build the stylesheets
  • Subgenerators to easily add option-pages (based on cmb2), custom-post-types, gutenberg-blocks, styles, scripts …
  • Easy to add plugin dependencies (check the code of a generated plugin main file in .src/root_files/)
  • Includes a composer Project Setup to include packages and repositories (check out the example plugins)