I’m available for new freelance projects and currently looking for a job in a digital agency or start-up.

I’m from Germany and live in southern Asia. If you are close by, it will be great to meet you. In general, communication takes place by email, telephone and video chat.

My focus is programming and implementation of your vision at source code level. To realize large projects, I collaborate closely with UX/UI designers. The responsibility for text, translation and other content is yours.

Since each project is unique and different in scope, I have no fixed prices. The best way to get a quote is to contact me outlining your requirements.

Coding workflow and key skills

I am looking forward to learn from each other, exchange skills and enhance knowledge. The following is a brief overview of my general coding methods.

  • I use Git for version control, but I’m familiar with SVN as well. I set up a new repository for each new project. You’ll get access to this repository and with that the complete source-code.
  • I am developing on a local server. To get you involved in the development process, I regularly update changes to an online environment.
  • Grunt is my pick for task automation and I’m familiar with Gulp, too. I minify and concatenate Stylesheets and JavaScript code.
  • Sass and its SCSS syntax is my favorite CSS preprocessor and I used Less often.
  • I code JavaScript using Node.js and latest ECMAScript standards. Babel and Browserify are my choices to transpile and bundle it for the browser. And I use ESLint for linting, since it works well with JSX.
    In terms of client side JavaScript Frameworks, I use React and Backbone, since both are used by WordPress core.


Get in touch using the form below or email me at If you use email encryption, you will get my public pgp key here.